Several years ago getting a taxi from Boryspil International Airport to the city centre for a reasonable fare was an arduous task. Arriving passengers would be immediately surrounded by a swarm of unofficial drivers offering rides at exorbitant rates. The bargaining process was not a pleasant introduction to the city.

The taxi situation at Boryspil has now improved a great deal. Official taxis now operate from all terminals and offer metered fares. The fare to the city centre should be around 400 UAH.

In the city centre the market is still fairly unregulated. English-speakers approaching any of the taxis near hotspots such as Khreschatyk, Kiev Train Station, major tourist attractions, and nightclubs will be quoted ridiculous rates. Always negotiate, and agree a price before getting in the taxi. If possible, walk to a less popular spot. A ride within the city centre should cost no more than 50 UAH.

The cheapest rates can be obtained by calling a taxi firm direct. Rates are usually around 5 UAH per km with a minimum fare of around 35 UAH. The operator will tell you the total price of the journey and send an SMS when the taxi has arrived to pick you up. Few operators speak English though.

Many ordinary drivers in Kiev are willing to interrupt their journey and become unofficial taxis. Simply stand at the side of the road and stick your arm out. Lots of cars will stop, although most drivers will only speak Russian and/or Ukrainian. If they are going in your direction and can understand what you are saying, they will usually be willing to take you. As with marked taxis, always agree a price before getting in the car.

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