Kiev Metro Map

We have three maps of the Kiev Metro system; a schematic map, an overlay map, and an interactive map. The schematic and interactive maps offer English translations of the station names.

Schematic Map

The map below is a schematic representation of Kiev’s excellent subway system. It offers a simplified view of the lines and clearly shows the transfer/interchange stations. Lines and station names are written in both English and Ukrainian.

Kiev Metro Map

There are three lines:

  • Line 1 – Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line (Red Line)
  • Line 2 – Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska Line (Blue Line)
  • Line 3 – Syretsko-Pecherska Line (Green Line)

Transfer stations are:

Kiev Train Station (aka Kiev Passenger Railway Station) is next to Vokzalna Metro Station (Red Line). There is no underground station at either Boryspil International Airport or Kyiv International Airport.

Interactive Map

Our interactive map is probably the most useful map of the Kiev Metro you’ll find. All stations are plotted using exact latitude and longitude coordinates.

Click here to see it.

Overlay Map

The map below shows all three lines, overlaid on a map of the city.

Map showing route of Kiev Metro Map
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