Buying Bus Tickets

Tickets for buses from Kiev to other Ukrainian towns and cities can be purchased online or in person at the bus station.


Buying tickets at bus stations in Ukraine can be tricky. Timetables are in Ukrainian and English rarely understood at the counters. Fortunately there are a number of online bus booking services that can be used to book tickets or research schedules.

One of the best is

To use it simply select the start and end points of your journey, the number of tickets, and the date you wish to travel.

A list of available services is returned, together with the departure station, journey time, and places available. Simply select one of the options, complete the passenger details, and pay using a bank or credit card.

You will then be sent a voucher or e-ticket by email containing details of the booking (carrier, departure station, arrival station, departure date, seat number etc.).

The most important thing to note is that if it is a voucher (and not an e-ticket) it is necessary to go to the cashier at the bus station and exchange the voucher for a ticket before boarding the bus.


  • There are several bus stations in Kiev. Make sure you use the one stated on your voucher. More likely than not, it will be Central Bus Station on Moskovska Square.
  • Some common sense is needed when travelling to smaller towns. In many cases a direct route from Kiev is not available. As a general rule find the nearest large town, book a ticket there, and then book another ticket from the large town to your final destination. It’s not possible to book multiple leg journeys in one booking as routes will probably be serviced by different companies.

At the Station

Tickets can be purchased at bus stations right up to departure time. We strongly advise you research your route using a service such as before going to the station. Employees usually don’t speak any English at all and are generally unhelpful.

You will need to write down the bus number, destination, and departure time and give it to the agent to make any headway at all.

Comments and Additional Information

  1. I am going to ukraine on June 8. Can I use the bus tickets in all cities in Ukraine or does every city has different bus tickets?

  2. I need to travel to Kremenchuk from Boryspil Airport. How long does it take and how much does it cost? How can I buy tickets?

    • I need to travel to Kremenchuk from Boryspil Airport. How long does it take and how much does it cost? How can I buy tickets?

      Just go on a booking website like Enter Boryspil Airport as your departure point. There are currently two bus services each day from Boryspil to Kremenchuk, both operated by Autolux.

      The fare is currently 200 UAH one way and the journey takes just under 4 hours. Autolux buses are quite nice.


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