Gryshko National Botanical Garden

This large park lies in Pechersk and boasts thousands of trees, flower and plants from different regions of Ukraine and around the world.

Three’s a palm house, children’s playground, butterfly enclosure, and tropical house with various reptiles and fish.

Trees in the National Botanical Garden in Kiev

The eastern side of the park offers wonderful views of the Dnipro River and Kiev’s Left Bank.

Entrance to the gardens isn’t free but tickets are cheap. The nearest Metro station is Druzhby Narodiv.


Map showing location of Gryshko National Botanical Garden.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Gryshko National Botanical Garden


Gryshko National Botanical Garden

Kiev Oblast

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Reviews and Additional Information

  1. This park is huge and I had a good walk around here that took me a few hours. There are lots of different gardens, woodland, and even a monastery. Unlike most of the parks in Kiev you have to pay to get in here. The entrance was 20 UAH (very cheap given the current exchange rate).

    If you visit here I would recommend going to the Lavra as it is fairly nearby.

  2. This is an amazing park with lots of flowers and plants from all over the world. There’s even a church and a forest. It’s a bit neglected in places but overall is a pleasant place to visit on a sunny day. It’s a fair walk from the Metro. The closest stop is Druzhby Narodiv.


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