Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat) & Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Known locally as ‘Brezhnev’s Daughter’ the Motherland Monument is a giant titanium statue that celebrates the Soviet Union’s victory over the Nazi Germany. 62m high and visible from various points around Kiev, it is the city’s most distinctive feature.

Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat), Kiev Ukraine
Motherland Monument

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War lies at its base and honours the Ukrainian soldiers that defended Kiev during World War II.

Eternal Flame Kiev

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  • Tsarskoe Selo (0.4 miles) - Traditional Ukrainian restaurant close to Pechersk Lavra. Great atmosphere

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  • Black Sea Hotel Kiev (0.7 miles)
  • Hotel on Pechersk (0.7 miles)

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Map showing location of Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat) & Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

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Map showing location of Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat) & Museum of the Great Patriotic War


Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat) & Museum of the Great Patriotic War

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  1. Only two visitors can climb up to the back side of the shield at once. Guided tours start in about every 40mins. Registration is strongly recommended a day before the planned visit or at opening time. Cost is 300 UAH per person. After two rides in tiny elevators you need to climb on ladders in the left arm from the neck to the shield.
    If the weather is hot (above 30 Celsius) tours might be cancelled.
    From the back of the shield there is a nice view to Kyiv, however Pecherska Lavra can’t be seen.

  2. Hi,
    we are going to Kiev in a couple of weeks.
    What is the minimum age and/or height to go to top (shield) of the monument?
    Thanks in advance

  3. This was a very interesting place to visit. You can see the statue for miles from all over Kiev but it is best to visit because there is also a museum and lots of other things to see.

    The grounds are free to enter but you need to pay to visit the museum at the base of the statue. I can’t remember how much it was but it was cheap. There is plenty to see within the museum and there were explanations available in English (unlike many of the other museums I visited in Kiev). It is possible to go to the top of the statue but they wanted an extra 200 UAH for that so we declined.

    In the grounds there is also a separate display of military vehicles (tanks mainly) but there’s also a MiG fighter and some other warplanes.

  4. This is a great place to visit when you are in Kiev. The statue itself is an amazing site. The museum is interesting too. I really didn’t realise how much the Ukrainians suffered during WWII. The outdoor military vehicle museum is worth a look too. Admission prices were very cheap. Can’t remember how much exactly but it was the equivalent of a dollar or so.

  5. I’m planning to visit this place. It looks amazing. What other places would you suggest are ‘must visits’? I’ve got 5 days.

    • A trip to Chernobyl is a must if you’ve got the budget. Others could include the Lavra, Andrew’s Descent, and Pirogovo.

  6. Hi.
    I want to visit the monument.
    Can you please guide me how I can go there from the city?
    Thank you!

    • The easiest way to get there (without getting confused) is to get on the Metro and go to Arsenalna Metro Station. Come out of the station and turn left and start walking. Eventually you’ll pass the Caves Monastery (well worth visiting). The Motherland Monument is a little further on.

    • When is work on the monument going to start? Or, are they going to let it fall? The public should not be allowed to go in the top of it. How, and when, are they going to repair it. Most Americans are so Nationalistic, they could care less. They don’t want to give Russia any credit for bringing the war to a close!

  7. I totally agree with all the comments published and this is truly and monument of note. I have experienced it first hand on Victory Day 09/05/13. I was totally and utterly flabbergasted on my round about walk. I would recommend anyone to visit Kiev and if possible be here on Victory Day. It’s magnificent. I feel honoured to have been here and people do yourselves a favour. Visit Ukraine, it’s a beautiful country.
    This is my 3rd visit. 1st was September 2012 (late Autumn), 2nd was in mid January 2013 (Winter, cold and beautiful) and now arrived here on the 3rd May. Absolutely a must!

  8. I went to Ukraine in 2002, and this was the most impressive monument I saw. It is so huge and powerful. Seeing that Motherland Monument was the moment I felt like I was in a former Soviet country. I was totally blown away by it. I highly recommend it.

    • Glad you liked it. I agree it is pretty impressive. On my first trip to Kiev I remember seeing it from a distance as I drove from the airport to the city and just gasping at the sheer size of it. I was also thinking why I had never even heard of it. I mean we’ve all seen the Statue of Liberty thousands of times on TV, newspapers, magazines etc. But I never even knew this existed. It’s far more impressive too, I think.

  9. This was definitely my highlight to Kiev. It wasn’t a expensive tourist trap either. You can get really emotional with all the relics and artifacts they have on display in the museum. It has 3 floors so give yourself time to go through it all. Even though everything was in Russian they have 1 x A4 laminated sheets for the room you enter. Its not much but its Ukraine so its better than nothing at all. The entrance price does not allow photos. You have to pay extra on another ticket if you want to take photos, which is very typical of Kiev.

    If you were somehow visiting Ukraine put this in for a visit, I thought it was great.

    • I agree. The extra charge for photographs at some of the tourist attractions in Kiev is a real pain. Having said that, the entrance prices for most attractions are cheaper than in other countries.

  10. I’ve just returned from Kiev, having seen this monument. I’m not normally into touristy stuff, but this was absolutely incredible. ‘Huge’ does not do it justice – and the sculptures surrounding the monument are stunning. My number one recommendation if you’re visiting Kiev – however briefly.

  11. This is a most fantastic area to visit. Put it near the top of your itinerary.


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