Dream Town Bowling

This tenpin bowling centre is situated at Dream Town, a shopping mall in the Obolon are of the city.

I’ve been here many times, though admittedly not for a while, and have always had a pleasant experience. On my last visit I wasn’t very impressed.

To be fair it was Christmas Eve and it was extremely busy. We didn’t book in advance so had to wait around for an hour until a lane was available.

The bowling shoes supplied were scruffy and not so clean. Alina, my companion for the evening, wasn’t too happy that no disposable bowling socks were available.

Ukrainian girl at Dream Town Bowling in Kiev, Ukraine
Dream Town Bowling

We weren’t particularly impressed with our lane either. There was a limited selection of balls and Alina couldn’t find one light enough for a girl. She asked the staff for help but they said they were too busy. Eventually she managed to borrow one from another lane.

Seating was also a problem. There was a large group of teenagers playing in the adjacent lane. They were fairly well behaved but just kept getting in the way of our game.

Bowling is pretty cheap here though. Lanes are hired by the hour. We paid 222 UAH for an hour of bowling on a Friday evening, one of the most expensive times.

The cheapest hourly rates at the time of our visit were 54 UAH on a weekday morning. The most expensive was 252 UAH on a weekend evening.

The Dream Town Mall is divided into two buildings. The bowling centre is on floor 3 of Dream Town 1. Other attractions on this level include an amusement arcade, ice and roller skating rinks, and a cinema. There’s also a food court and a good selection of restaurants.

Dream Town 1 is the most southerly of the two buildings. It’s located between Minska Metro Station and Obolon Metro Station.

Dream Town 2 is immediately north, between Minska Metro Station and Heroiv Dnipra Metro Station. The main attraction here is the Dream Island water park.


Map showing location of Dream Town Bowling.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Dream Town Bowling


Dream Town Bowling

Obolonskyi Avenue

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