Besarabsky Market

This historic indoor market is located at the southern end of Khreshchatyk.

Stalls at Besarabsky Market sell a variety of products including fish, meat, poultry, fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, caviar, dried fruit, nuts, spices, honey, and flowers. Produce is fresh and the displays colourful.

Prices are relatively high by Ukrainian standards. Goods are not marked with prices and haggling is essential. Many of the workers here don’t speak English. It is best to shop with a local to avoid being ripped off.

Girl at stall selling dried fruit and nuts at Besarabsky Market in Kiev, Ukraine
Girl at stall selling dried fruit and nuts

To get a rough idea of the price you should be paying for a particular product you can visit the Billa supermarket at the front of the building.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in and around the market.

Most food markets in Kiev are located in the suburbs. This one is in the city centre and is easy to find. Unlike the suburban markets it is also safe, clean, and free of unsavoury characters. The nearest Metro stations are Palats Sportu, Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho, Teatralna, and Khreshchatyk.

Fruit and vegetables stall at Besarabsky Market in Kiev, Ukraine
Fruit and vegetables stall

Other attractions in the area include the Pinchuk Art Centre.

The market takes its name from Bessarabia, a historic region that comprised areas of Ukraine and Moldova.


Map showing location of Besarabsky Market.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Besarabsky Market


Besarabsky Market

Bessarabska Square
Kiev Oblast

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  1. The most beautiful arrangements of flowers I have seen. If I can get a passport I would love to visit the gardens of Kiev and the forests to the north.


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