Zoloti Vorota Metro Station

Zoloti Vorota is a city centre Metro station on the Green Line.

It takes its name from the adjacent Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota), a replica of the 11th century fortified entrance to the city.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the surrounding area. Nearby tourist attractions include the National Opera of Ukraine and St Sophia’s Cathedral.

Passengers can transfer to the Red Line by taking the underground walkway to Teatralna Metro Station.

Central hall at Zoloti Vorota (Golden Gate) Metro Station in Kiev, Ukraine
Central hall

Adjacent stations on the Green Line are Lukianivska and Palats Sportu.


Map showing location of Zoloti Vorota Metro Station.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Zoloti Vorota Metro Station


Zoloti Vorota Metro Station

Zoloti Vorota Metro Station
Kiev Oblast

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