Chernihivska Metro Station

Chernihivska Metro Station is the penultimate station on the eastern end of the Red Line.  It is situated on Brovary Avenue on the left bank of Kiev.

It opened in 1968 and was originally named Komsomolska, after the youth division of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

When Ukraine gained independence in 1991 it was renamed after the city of Chernihiv. Brovary Avenue eventually leads to Chernihiv after becoming a motorway.

Adjacent stations on the Red Line are Darnytsia and Lisova (terminus of the Red Line).

Chernihivska Metro Station, Kiev, Ukraine


Map showing location of Chernihivska Metro Station.

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Map showing location of Chernihivska Metro Station


Chernihivska Metro Station

Chernihivska Metro Station
Kiev Oblast

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