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Current weather conditions in Kiev and a 5-day forecast are shown below.

The readings are taken near the city centre.

Weather Today in Kiev - Current Conditions

The current temperature in Kiev right now is 55°F (13°C).

The current wind speed is around 1 mph (light air). The wind is blowing from east-northeast. Visibility now is good. Stand in a place with a good view and you should be able to see for around 6 miles (10 km). The humidity level now is roughly 87%.

  • Weather conditions: clear sky
  • Current temperature: 55°F (13°C)
  • Wind speed: 1 mph (1.66 kph)
  • Wind direction (blowing from): east-northeast
  • Relative humidity: 87%

Readings taken on September 28, 2023 at 6:25 am (Kiev time).

5-Day Weather Forecast - General Conditions and Temperature

A 5-day weather forecast for Kiev is shown in the table below.

DayLocal TimeConditionsTemp (C)Temp (F)
Thursday 28th September 20239:00 amClear sky1457
Thursday 28th September 202312:00 pmClear sky2068
Thursday 28th September 20233:00 pmClear sky2679
Thursday 28th September 20236:00 pmClear sky2475
Thursday 28th September 20239:00 pmClear sky1966
Friday 29th September 202312:00 amClear sky1763
Friday 29th September 20233:00 amClear sky1661
Friday 29th September 20236:00 amClear sky1559
Friday 29th September 20239:00 amClear sky1864
Friday 29th September 202312:00 pmClear sky2475
Friday 29th September 20233:00 pmClear sky2679
Friday 29th September 20236:00 pmClear sky2475
Friday 29th September 20239:00 pmClear sky2068
Saturday 30th September 202312:00 amClear sky1864
Saturday 30th September 20233:00 amClear sky1763
Saturday 30th September 20236:00 amFew clouds1661
Saturday 30th September 20239:00 amClear sky1966
Saturday 30th September 202312:00 pmClear sky2577
Saturday 30th September 20233:00 pmClear sky2781
Saturday 30th September 20236:00 pmScattered clouds2577
Saturday 30th September 20239:00 pmScattered clouds2170
Sunday 1st October 202312:00 amFew clouds1864
Sunday 1st October 20233:00 amFew clouds1763
Sunday 1st October 20236:00 amBroken clouds1559
Sunday 1st October 20239:00 amOvercast clouds1661
Sunday 1st October 202312:00 pmOvercast clouds1864
Sunday 1st October 20233:00 pmOvercast clouds1966
Sunday 1st October 20236:00 pmOvercast clouds1763
Sunday 1st October 20239:00 pmOvercast clouds1559
Monday 2nd October 202312:00 amOvercast clouds1355
Monday 2nd October 20233:00 amBroken clouds1254
Monday 2nd October 20236:00 amScattered clouds1254
Monday 2nd October 20239:00 amBroken clouds1457
Monday 2nd October 202312:00 pmClear sky1864
Monday 2nd October 20233:00 pmFew clouds2068
Monday 2nd October 20236:00 pmBroken clouds1864
Monday 2nd October 20239:00 pmBroken clouds1763
Tuesday 3rd October 202312:00 amFew clouds1457
Tuesday 3rd October 20233:00 amScattered clouds1457
Tuesday 3rd October 20236:00 amOvercast clouds1457

Current and Forecast Weather Data: OpenWeatherMap

Forecast - Location Details

The weather forecast for Kiev is based on data measured at the weather station shown on the map below. The weather in other areas of Kiev may vary slightly.

Map showing location of weather station in Kiev

Climate Overview

Kiev and Ukraine have a humid continental climate, characterised by large seasonal temperature differences, with harsh winters and fairly hot summers. Spring and autumn are brief but pleasant.

If good weather is important to you, a visit between May and mid-October is a good choice. May is particularly nice. It’s not too hot, the flowers are in blossom, and the city and its people begin to wake up from the winter.

The warmest months are typically June, July and August with average temperatures in the range of 18 to 19 °C. If you plan to stay during these months, it’s a good idea to ensure your accommodation has air conditioning.

The coldest months are December, January, and February with average temperatures ranging from -2 to -4 °C. Snow cover normally lasts from late November until the end of March.

MonthAverage Min °CAverage Max °CSnow Cover (days)

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  1. Are there ever hurricanes in Ukraine?

    • I’m no expert on climate but I believe hurricanes certain conditions to form that are only present in large bodies of water such as the Atlantic and Pacific. Kiev certainly doesn’t have hurricanes. I recall Odessa has experienced a few fairly serious storms, but I doubt they could be classified as hurricanes.

    • No. Only tropical heat, humidity and open water make a hurricane. It feeds off all three and travels thousands of miles to build its strength. Once it hits land it weaken and becomes pouring rain that sits and usually floods out the coast.


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