Exchange Rates

The currency used in Ukraine is the Ukrainian hryvnia. The sign used to denote it is ₴ and its ISO code is UAH.

The table below shows the latest UAH exchange rates with major currencies such as the euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), and US dollar (USD).

Currency exchanges in Kiev city centre
Exchange kiosks are everywhere in the city centre

Exchange rates are also shown for the currencies of those countries whose citizens visit Ukraine most frequently; neighbouring and former Soviet countries such as Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia etc.

Rates are updated online every hour.

The UAH exchange rates below were last updated on Sunday 17th of October 2021 at 4:25 pm GMT.

  • Armenia – 1 AMD (Armenian dram) = 0.055 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Australia – 1 AUD (Australian dollar) = 19.574 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Azerbaijan – 1 AZN (Azerbaijani manat) = 15.516 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Canada – 1 CAD (Canadian dollar) = 21.337 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • China – 1 CNY (Chinese yuan) = 4.1 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Eurozone – 1 EUR (euro) = 30.61 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Hong Kong – 1 HKD (Hong Kong dollar) = 3.393 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Hungary – 1 HUF (Hungarian forint) = 0.085 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • India – 1 INR (Indian rupee) = 0.352 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Israel – 1 ILS (Israeli sheqel) = 8.193 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Japan – 1 JPY (Japanese yen = 0.231 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Kazakhstan – 1 KZT (Kazakhstani tenge) = 0.062 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Moldova – 1 MDL (Moldovan leu) = 1.526 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Norway – 1 NOK (Norwegian krone) = 3.132 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Poland – 1 PLN (Polish zloty) = 6.7 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Romania – 1 RON (Romanian leu) = 6.185 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Russia – 1 RUB (Russian ruble) = 0.372 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Sweden – 1 SEK (Swedish krona) = 3.061 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Switzerland – 1 CHF (Swiss franc) = 28.593 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • UK – 1 GBP (British pound) = 36.272 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • USA – 1 USD (US dollar) = 26.389 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • Uzbekistan – 1 UZS (Uzbekistani som) = 0.0025 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)

Changing Money

It’s fairly difficult, if not impossible, to buy or sell Ukrainian currency outside of Ukraine/Eastern Europe. We advise waiting until you arrive in Ukraine before changing money. You’ll have no problems whatsoever. There are currency exchanges on virtually every major street in Ukraine. Euros, dollars, sterling, and many other currencies are readily accepted. However, worn or tattered notes are usually rejected.

Spend or exchange any Ukrainian currency before you leave the country unless you require it for a subsequent visit.

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  1. Hi im from india and I came yesterday in Ukraine danipro city and I have some india currency so I need to change as Ukrainian money so please help me where I can change indian currency to Ukrainian money.

    Thanks in advance ?

  2. hi.I want to know the ratio of the Ukrainian currency to the Russian currency and also to the US dollar. thank you zarif.

  3. Also, not only worn or tattered notes are rejected, but also old dollars too. Make sure that the currency you’d like to exchange is new and crisp.

  4. Should I visit Ukraine with, Nigerian money?.

    • Come meet me in Ukraine, I’m from USA will be there in first of August 2020

  5. Can Americans that decide to live in Odessa have their pensions and social security payments deposited to a bank there?

  6. Can i change BDT to hryvnya

  7. Where can I exchange Hungarian forint in Kyiv on a Saturday?


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