Face Control

Face control is practised at the doors of many upmarket Ukrainian/Russian nightclubs and is similar to dress code regulations enforced at many western clubs. The major difference is that potential patrons are judged by their attractiveness, as well as what they are wearing.

If you hear the words, ‘Sorry, members only’ it usually means they think you’re a minger.

Beautiful girl in a bar who has passed the face control test

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  1. I am coming to Kiev in the spring. How do I know for CERTAIN that the lady I’m writing is exactly who and what she says she is? Also, I’m traveling to Simferopol, Crimean Peninsula. I was told that because of tariffs, no credit cards are accepted, only cash. How do I if this second lady is a true medical doctor and heart surgeon?

  2. I’m quite sure that if VIP is ordered with table service it will be a non-issue. I haven’t been to any bar/club anywhere in the world where simply asking for bottle service was ever refused.

    Of course, showing up dressed properly doesn’t hurt either.

    • Try in Mexico City. Even that you ask for bottle service, you can be refused.

  3. If you are refused admission to a club just offer the doorman a ‘tip’. You will then pass their face control requirements.

  4. There’s really no need for face control in Ukraine. All the women are stunning here. Let them all in.

    • Thanks for your meaningful contribution.


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