Train passing through a Metro station in Kiev

Kiev Metro

The Kiev Metro system is the city’s main mode of public transport. Three lines meet in the centre and connect over 50 stations.
Map of Kiev, Ukraine

Map of Kiev

Our interactive map shows the exact locations of hotels, attractions, restaurants, and more.

Tourist Attractions

St Sophias Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine

St Sophia’s Cathedral

With its 13 golden cupolas Kiev’s oldest church is one of the city’s most visible landmarks. Climb to the top of the huge bell tower for great views.
National Opera of Ukraine

National Opera of Ukraine

Every tourist visiting Kiev should go to a performance at the National Opera of Ukraine.
The Golden Gates in Kiev, Ukraine

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate of Kiev is a fortification that was part of the ancient city walls. It was built in the 11th century by Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev, but subsequently fell into disrepair and was buried underground.
Windmill at Pirogovo, Kiev, Ukraine


Situated around 12 km south of Kiev, the Pirogovo open-air museum is one of the best in Ukraine. Numerous villages are scattered around the large grounds, each representing a different region of the country.
Church of the Assumption at Pechersk Lavra in Kiev, Ukraine

Pechersk Lavra Kiev – Caves Monastery

This Orthodox Christian monastery attracts pilgrims from all over the world. You don’t need to be religious to appreciate it. The place is stunningly beautiful and boasts many interesting features.
Andrews Descent in Kiev, street with souvenir stalls and art galleries

Andrew’s Descent

Andrew’s Descent is one of the oldest and most popular streets in Kiev. Although it enjoys a reputation as the city’s most artistic street, much of it is lined with souvenir stalls selling Soviet paraphernalia.

Essential tourist information

Eternal Flame Kiev

Climate and Weather

Kiev and Ukraine have a humid continental climate, characterised by large seasonal temperature differences, with harsh winters and fairly hot summers. Spring and autumn are brief but pleasant.
Stray dogs and a beggar on a street in Kiev, Ukraine

Dangers and Annoyances

Kiev is as safe as most Western European countries. The city is not without its dangers and annoyances.
Ukrainian currency, selection of bank notes and coins


The currency of Ukraine is the hryvnia (UAH), pronounced gryvnya. There are 100 kopecks in a hryvnia.
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