We’ve got a million stories to tell about life in Kiev and many of the best involve depraved nights in Shooters.

This is Kiev’s version of a Hooters bar, although the waitresses here wear short tartan kilts instead of orange and white.

Locals, expats and foreign visitors enjoy its friendly atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks and low cover charges. Dress code and face control are quite relaxed.

The club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Themed parties are held most evenings.

Despite its location in Pechersk, Shooters is fairly easy to find. Take the Metro to Arsenalna station and walk around 700 metres up the road directly opposite (Moskovska). The club is located in an entertainment complex on right. The Limoncello restaurant is also here. There’s always a few taxis outside waiting to take patrons home, though their charges are usually a bit over the top.


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22 Moskovska
Kiev Oblast

Nearest Metro Station(s): Arsenalna

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Reviews and Additional Information

  1. A Turkish run Mafia place. So much illegal activity goes on here behind the scenes. You name it, they’re involved in it. Drugs, prostitution. That’s why the staff and security are so worried and paranoid. Because they have to keep the illegal activities from prying eyes.

  2. Shooters is the best club in Kiev.

  3. I was just there for a few drinks based on some quick reviews on Kiev nightlife. What a place! No atmosphere whatsoever (maybe because it was Tuesday night but still). Most of all, as the only foreigner in the place, I got totally ostracized. Ok I can deal with that, but what I can’t deal with is being insulted for being European (I’m French). Some jackass was mad because I leaned on his seat. Then I was asked to leave by the management. I didn’t say ANYTHING TO ANYBODY. I was just sipping my drinks! If this is how they treat Europeans in Ukraine, I wonder why on earth we ever helped them fight Putin. I’ll never go to this place again. I was really nice, buying people drinks and not ogling on their women or being cocky. Just a low key last drink out on the town before I leave and somehow I get insulted by morons with the consent and help of the staff. Racist idiots as far as I can see. I don’t know who in their right mind can recommend this place to foreigners.

    • I’d have to agree. I am Australian and in Kiev right now and had been looking forward to meeting the nice friendly people I read so much about. They are the rudest people I have ever met. Walk into you on the sidewalk, get angry if you actually dare expect your change when you pay or don’t have exact money at the 7-Eleven style supermarkets. No one says hello or thank you.

      I have made an effort to introduce myself to a dozen girls and 100% of them turned out to be prostitutes, after having finished the 3 drinks you bought them during the conversation. The girls may be pretty on the outside by they come across as very unpleasant on the inside.

      I regret coming here. I stopped in Thailand (Bangkok) on the way to break up the flight time and they were the most friendly people despite being dirt poor and living in squalor.

    • I hate to say it , but I agree with you . I’m American of English and Thai ancestry, but have a “darker” complexion and they were assholes to me, I’m studying Russian and replied kindly in Russian, but it didn’t save me at this club.

  4. I had the best time of my life here the other week. The club was full of pretty girls. All were friendly and down to earth. Prices were quite cheap. I will return one day.

    • You probably work at the place.

  5. Don’t take any notice of the reviews. I’m Asian and didn’t have any problems getting in here. I had a great time and didn’t feel threatened or discriminated against in any way at all. In fact I’d say the people here were very friendly. The security people were certainly much friendlier than those in the US.

  6. I went there just this past month whilst travelling. I tried to ignore the negative reviews on Tripadvisor and see for myself. Unfortunately all the negative reviews are correct. Shooters have a serious problem with their lawless security and they seem they are running the show. I got in after almost being rejected on a very quiet Tuesday night (the place had 8 people in it). I have a darker Asian appearance while my friend is white, we are both from Australia. As we walked up out of the taxi, both of us very well dressed, we walked towards the entrance in he asked me if I was going to the disco and I said yes. The security immediately puffed up his chest and stood right in front of me which I found very intimidating. I asked is the disco open and he said yes. I asked can we come in and he reluctantly let us in and the place was empty.

    The following week we were leaving the country and wanted to have going away drinks there for our last night there and its really the only place that is open we could sort of enjoy ourselves (except for the goon security staff). I booked a table for us plus 2 other friends we made in Kiev over the phone. We turned up and this time the same security staff rejected us, we were basically treated like shit even though we were guests in there country. I didn’t want to argue as it was our last night there and decided on another place. A girl from shooters called us regarding our booked table and I told her what happened and she didn’t care and just said “oh ok” and just hung up. We ended up having a big night in a place with nicer staff and spent all our tourist $$ there. It was a real shame as it left a real bitter ending to our stay in Kiev and left us with a sour feel to the place.

    I can understand about the previous posts now and about the security trying to hussle tourists. It is a real pity it can be a great place but they really need to look at their security staff and customer service skills.

    • Again I fail to see this. I’ve been many times and never had a problem. Neither has anybody else I know. Not sure why you went back if you didn’t enjoy the first time. You say it was the only place open. I find that pretty hard to believe. There are loads of places open 7 days a week and even 24 hours a day. It’s always easy to find somewhere open in Kiev, even at obscure hours.

      • @Editor not sure if you read the other posts below and also the reviews on other sites like Tripadvisor. But shooters DOES look like people do have issues with this club. Just because you and your friends have not had any issues at this club is quite ignorant especially when there are so many different comments from other travellers experiencing poor behaviour from staff there.

        Do you think anyone would say anything if they didn’t have a probelm with the club??

        I agree with you that there is always something open 24/7 in Kiev but to find somewhere with people and good atmosphere is another story.

        • I’m not saying it’s not happened. All I can draw from is my own experiences. I’ve been there many times and never had a problem. I’ve stood in the entrance waiting for a taxi for long periods. I’ve never seen the security hustling anybody.

      • Are you kidding me!!! I have never seen a more racist nor intimidating club. They blatantly used the n-word against us. You either work for the club or is very white person. Stop misguiding people with a false review. This place SUCKS.

        • I don’t work for the club. If I worked for the club I wouldn’t approve your review. I am white though. Not sure if I’m ‘very white’.

          • Realy bad man, all the issues are right. I am white and from Germany and had the same problems. So you better inform yourself.

            • Well if you are white and had the same problems as the guys who have been screaming racism, it prove my point that they are not racist. Selective perhaps.

        • They probably just don’t like you. Ukrainians are a pretty racist country, didn’t you realise?

    • Totally agree. I had the same bad experience, We’re dark and they immediately stopped us from getting in. After arguing for 15 minutes (as we had a table booked) we got in. The place was not good compared to other clubs in Kiev. Finally, the assistant manager tried to flirt wit us (we’re MEN). I have nothing against gay people but this man was very aggressive and kept touching my friend in a weird and evasive way. He then got angry as my buddy explained to him he’s not gay. This man is definitely gay and crazy!! This is not how we expected to spend Friday night in Kiev!

  7. Shooters would be great if you are white. If your Asian/African/dark skinned or if you look one bit ethnic you will be rejected. I went with some Asian American friends of mine who speak perfect English and got rejected. I have never seen such a racist policy (except for the US in the 1950s). Maybe in about 60 or so years time this club would have caught up with the rest of the world.

    Now if your white and not ethnic then you have a chance of getting in. I have been a few times no problems but the security staff always try to hussle tourists as they are leaving and refusing to let them leave until they pay them money. The prices are ok but if you want a better atmosphere go to club Arena once the renovations are finished and give this racist club a miss.

    • I’ve seen plenty of foreigners in Shooters that aren’t white. In fact the place is run by Turks. Never had a problem leaving either and I reckon I’ve easily been more than 100 times.

      • I doubt tourists would actually go to the trouble of making this up. I experienced this myself and judging by the other comments so have many others.

        • I’m not saying they are making it up. Just because you aren’t white and get refused doesn’t mean it was because of your skin colour. In fact I was in there recently and asked to move from where I was standing by one of the staff because I was blocking the view of the dancefloor of a group of guys sat at a table. I’m white and they were Arabs so I’m not sure how you can say the staff are racist.

          I’m making an assumption here. But when you say you haven’t seen such policies since the US in the 1950s it makes me think you are quite old. Maybe they refused you because you were old. It is after all a nightclub aimed at young people.

          • LOL Im 24 years old, and have a good knowledge of history and Shooters/Ukraine is definitely stuck in the 1950’s in regard to their policies. Im also a white male… but I do notice when anyone like my friends are treated differently because their background. You too sound quite stuck in the 50’s suggesting that older people should be refused (1950s ageist policies). Kiev/shooters have a long way to go in treating people equally. I suggest you yourself to read up on what discrimination and tolerance really is as it seems you have little knowledge on the topics.

    • Totally agree with you. Had the same experience. They are racist people. Do not waste your money there.

  8. Been lots of times & I love the place. Great staff & good prices + the sushi is the best. Only place in Kiev that’s busy every night, with NORMAL people …. no VIP’s here! Found Nathan’s postings amusing …. get a life; if you got bounced, get over it …. your posting is really bull … ! Yeah, security sometimes seems a little tough, BUT, like all clubs … if you are polite to them & get to know them … they are OK. Anyway, once you are inside …. the place is brilliant … still my favourite place to visit, when I’ve a chance to visit Ukraine.

  9. @Ken : Of course you’re right to claim it. This is the real truth about their silly attitude. It often comes that way in front door entrance.
    @Joe : I will end my last comment about this club by your point of view. this is definitely not the right p

  10. @Dave : I have the same report about shooters. I was allowed there 2 times with French mates, no real problem to enter in the usual opening night out but on a special Kiev event the security guard was rude and refused my Danish business friend (46 years o

  11. The best hang out bar/scene in Kiev. Don’t forget to try the sushi menu upstairs or the water pipes downstairs.

  12. The security guard at the door was very rude. They would not let me inside. They just point to a sign that says they can refuse entrance to anyone and make you feel like dirt. My friend who was already inside had to come get me. Then the security guard tried to save face and argued but finally let me in. And I thought this was a place welcome to foreigners. I won’t be going back. If my money isn’t good enough for them, I am happy to take my business elsewhere. The dance club is not that extravagant for such behaviour either.

  13. Be prepared to be eye raped. Pretty cool scene, seems the girls are really approachable in shooters, more so than other bars, where the girls are hotter but know it!! You cant go wrong in Shooters. There are a few iidiots about though.

  14. The dance floor is pretty cramped (but exciting). That`s the reason for table dancing. Best day to go for chicks is Wednesday (women`s day) and for a good party – Friday or Saturday. Also check out also Heaven (considered to be top clubbing among Kiev’s fancy and good looking youth, Arena (not as good as it was but still on the level), Avalon (expensive chicks), Barsky (expensive chicks), and Salminskiy (small but something keeps me going there). There are some more but these are my top list for Kiev.

  15. I absolutely love the place. It’s a really cool normal crowd that love to party + great staff! It’s the only place worth going on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays – everywhere else is dead. The security are fine, just be nice to them.

  16. I was there a few weeks ago – didn’t remember that much.

  17. Don’t listen to the fake postings. The place is not that good. For the local scene go to Patipa! For the extravagant, Arena (on Friday and Saturday) and Avalon.

  18. I have been there a few times. Good place. But, a few times the security guard did not allow me inside and did not explain why. He was rude when I tried to understand why. I was surprised by such behaviour.

  19. I live here and I go there about every weekend with my friends, the marines. we love it there! Just watch out for an American chick, with about 3 guys, who likes to dance on tables. She might get you.

  20. I was here last year and had my best time in Kiev!

  21. We will be there this summer. So watch out and get ready for some freaky disco.

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