The most recent full Ukrainian census was carried out in December 2001 by the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine. It was the first comprehensive census since Ukraine gained independence in 1991.

According to the data gathered the actual population of Kiev (including transient workers etc.) was 2.611 million people. Men accounted for 1.219 million of the total (47 percent) and women 1.393 million (53 percent). The permanent resident population totalled 2.567 million persons.

The 2001 census also revealed that around 130 nationalities lived in the city. Unsurprisingly Ukrainians (82 percent) and Russians (13 percent) accounted for the vast majority of inhabitants.

The census also revealed that 65 percent of males aged 15 or over were married or living together, compared with 54 percent for women.

The total population of Ukraine in 2001 was 48.457 million people.

More recent data from the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine gives the following estimates in September 2010:

  • Total population of Ukraine – 45.831 million
  • Resident population of Ukraine – 45.651 million
  • Total population of the city of Kiev – 2.779 million
  • Resident population of the city of Kiev – 2.738 million

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  1. Editor says

    Bob. We are very aware of that. However, the vast majority of people still use ‘Kiev’ when searching on Google and other search engines. We have to optimise our pages so readers can find the information they are looking for.

  2. bob says

    It is not spelled Kiev any more. It is Kyiv. Kiev is the Russian spelling. Kyiv is the Ukrainian spelling.

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