Kiev Train Station

Kiev Train Station is situated reasonably close to the city centre. It comprises two stations, one on each side of the tracks, linked by a bridge.

The official name of the station is Kiev Passenger Railway Station (Київ-Пасажирський – Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi). When booking tickets online you’ll often need to choose Kyiv-Pas (or Kiev-Pas) to select this station.

Go to the station by taking the Metro to Vokzalna Metro Station and you’ll arrive at the older Central Station (Центральний Вокзал). The more modern Southern Station (Південний Вокзал) is recognisable by its striking glass façade.

Interior of Kiev Train Station

Kiev Train Station (Central Station)

Trains leave for towns and cities throughout Ukraine plus international destinations such as Moscow, St Petersburg, Bratislava, Chisinau, Minsk, Bucharest, and Bratislava.

Tickets can be purchased here but many find the Central Ticket Office near Universytet Metro Station more convenient.

The Sky Bus offers a regular service between the train station and Boryspil International Airport. It stops outside the Southern Station entrance.

Outside the Central Station entrance there’s a large area packed with small buses (marshrutkas) going to various destinations. There’s also a large McDonald’s restaurant here (free internet access).

Marshrutkas going to Boryspil International Airport

Marshrutkas going to Boryspil International Airport

Taxis run from both entrances but the drivers here are rip-off merchants. If you don’t have much luggage, it’s better to use the Metro.


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Kiev Train Station

Vokzalna Square

Nearest Metro Station(s): Vokzalna